Unicorn Dance

Unicorn dancers

In classical Chinese culture, the appearance of the kei lun (麒麟; qilin in Mandarin) is a good omen. The unicorn is said to have the head of a dragon, the body of a deer with the scales of a fish, and the tail of an ox. Its peaceful nature and reputation for being a protector of the kind-hearted has made it one of China’s most treasured mythical creatures beside the dragon and the phoenix.

Unicorn dancers Unicorn dancers

Like the traditional lion dance, the unicorn dance is practiced primarily by kung fu practitioners. The endurance and athleticism that is afforded by kung fu practice supports the requirements of this particular dance in a very complementary manner. While the lion dance is popularly practiced by many Southern styles of kung fu, the unicorn dance has been the primary dance preserved and performed by the Hakka.

Our lineage of Pak Mei Kung Fu carries on this time-honoured tradition.

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