The Norfolk Unicorn Arts Kung Fu Association is a unique union of multiple lines of authentic Hakka-based fighting arts.

Of the more prominent Hakka arts, Lung Ying Kyun (龍形拳術; Dragon Style Kung Fu) and Pak Mei Paai (白眉派; White Brow System) form the core of our association’s curriculum. Our training program is further complemented by forms and methods indigenous to Li Ga (李家; Lee Family) – the exclusive Hakka methods of Master Lee’s family, and martial material merely referred to as Hakka Kyun (客家拳).

Within the Dragon Style stem of our curriculum, our lineage is based upon Master Lee’s learning with two leading exponents of the style: Grandmaster Lam Chan Gwong (林燦光) – the son of modern day Dragon Style founder Lam Yiu Gwai (林耀桂), and Grandmaster Lam Kim Fong (林劍方).

Correspondingly, the Pak Mei Kung Fu segment of our training program is derived from the instruction of three principal teachers who personally taught Master Lee: Grandmaster Yau Bing (邱炳) – Master Lee’s cousin and 3rd disciple of Grandmaster Cheung Bing Faat (張炳發) from his early teachings (please see Hong Kong OFFICIAL PAK MEI LINEAGE TABLE) who was the 3rd son of modern day Pak Mei founder Cheung Lai Chuen (張禮泉); Grandmaster Un Ho Bun (阮浩斌) – author of the first ever English language book on White Eyebrow Kung Fu; and, Grandmaster Chow Fook (鄒福) – disciple of both Cheung Lai Chuen and Lam Yiu Gwai.

Together, along with a group of unnamed ancestral Hakka sets from Master Lee’s family, these teachings span the spectrum from introductory foundational concepts to advanced theories and applications within our association.