Hakka Pak Mei Kung Fu

The martial material from which Pak Mei Kung Fu was derived was known as Ngo Mei Siu Lam (峨眉少林; EmeiShaolin in Mandarin). This particular fighting formula was preserved within the tight-knit communities of the Hakka population (客家) - ethnic Chinese who had relocated from China's central regions to the southern provinces to flee from ethnic cleansing and natural disasters over many migrations throughout the past millennium. Within the domain of Chinese martial arts, the Hakka are well-known for their fighting methods, healing practices, and unicorn dance.

Between the numerous Hakka kinships, subtle differences in origin, interpretation, and execution distinguished their fighting methods from one another. However, the concept of bridging - mo kiu (摩橋), and the use of integrated force - ging (), within close range combat are the fundamental features that define Hakka fighting techniques.

Hakka-exclusive Pak Mei Kung Fu has been maintained in a manner without outside influences or the pressures of commercialized instruction. As a result, only the canon forms and their respective implementation and applications are imparted in a very traditional manner from master to student.