Master Lee Kok Fong: A Dedication

Lee Kok Fong (李國方) began his training in Chinese martial arts as a young boy with his father in Hong Kong. During this time, he learned Lee Ga (李家) and other Hakka methods (客家武術). He was then introduced to Lung Ying Kyun (龍形拳) – Dragon Style Kung Fu, that was taught by Grandmaster Lam Chan Gwong (林燦光) – the son of modern day Dragon Style founder Lam Yiu Gwai (林耀桂). Lam Chan Gwong taught Lee to a very good standard. When Lee Kok Fong moved from Hong Kong to London, he met Master Lam Kim Fong (林劍方) with whom he continued to train in Lung Ying.

Not long after, Lee was initiated into the art of Pak Mei (白眉派), or White Brow Kung Fu, by Grandmaster Yau Bing (邱炳) – Master Lee’s cousin and 3rd disciple of Grandmaster Cheung Bing Faat (張炳發) from his early teachings (please see Hong Kong OFFICIAL PAK MEI LINEAGE TABLE) who was the 3rd son of modern day Pak Mei founder Cheung Lai Chuen(張禮泉). Lee continued his studies with Master Un Ho Bun (阮浩斌), author of the first ever English language book on White Brow Kung Fu and taught directly by Great Master Cheung Lai Chuen (張禮泉). Upon his return to Hong Kong, Lee furthered his studies with Master Chow Fook (鄒福) – a disciple of both Cheung Lai Chuen and Lam Yiu Gwai.

Although he taught many small classes around the UK, Lee Kok Fong had only one personal student – Nigel Stray, who continues the legacy of Master Lee Kok Fong through this club.