The Norfolk Unicorn Arts Kung Fu Association (努福麒麟武術會) is dedicated to the teachings and memory of Master Lee Kok Fong (李國方) who devoted his life to the martial and musical arts of his Hakka heritage.

Our core mission is to promote a rarely-revealed version of Pak Mei Kung Fu (白眉武術) that was traditionally passed along solely within those of Hakka ancestry and further filtered by personal introductions and private invitations. Additionally, we practice and publically perform the time-honoured Hakka tradition of the kei leun (麒麟) - the Chinese unicorn dance with musical accompaniment.

Our association represents the culmination of Master Lee Kok Fong's wealth of martial knowledge and the skills which he tirelessly trained.

Under the direction of Sifu Nigel Stray, the sole inheritor of Master Lee's complete transmission, the Norfolk Unicorn Arts Kung Fu Association strives to keep the memory of Master Lee Kok Fong alive through the same untiring efforts that Master Lee devoted to these Chinese cultural treasures.